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Larsen & Partners is a private shipping company founded in January 1988 and is wholly owned by Mr. Per Larsen. 

The company specialise in the transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes.

As independent Ship-Brokers and with our world wide network we are able to offer a first class transport solutions to any destination. With more than 30 years of experience in this field of shipping our Chartering Department has proved to our clients - Ship Owners, Forwarders and Cargo Owners - that we are an reliable business partner.

The company holds a first class reputation among Cargo Owners, Forwarders and Ship Owners as well as other business partners within the industry. This position has been achieved by following a few but very important business principles, namely


  • Be honest

  • Be thorough

  • Follow the code of ethics

We especially value the long term business relationships which are based on a mutual trust and respect, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a professional, safe and timely performance on each shipment.

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